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la statue san tete_ Samothrace

Recently Lynessa, a friend of mine from South Africa, went to Italy for the first time. Since I’m Italian she asked me for advice. I suggested, above all others destinations, the Uffizi museum in Florence that keep an astonishing collection of our best visual heritage. After a moment I realised that the Uffizi is not at all the easiest entry point to understand the italian culture. I visited it years ago and it was complicated as hell. So, once she was back, she kindly told me: “It’s a nice museum, but since I don’t... Read The Rest →

Collective memories

Cristallo della Memoria view

In recent years we as human beings are producing an enormous quantity of data, through messages, photos, comments continuously shared between us. In some way we are creating digital memories, mementos of experiences, persons, places, but the memory is not just  a collection of random data, but a structured  and organized repository of linked and categorized items and even more meaningful for us. Facebook with the Timeline feature is an attempt to transform posts in memories integrating dates, milestones, life events, from a personal and individual prospective. In the future more... Read The Rest →

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