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The Video content are  extremely  popular and the larger part of all the consumers internet traffic (57 percent in 2102 up from 69 in 2017).Website like YouTube is visited by 1 billion unique users each month and the hours of video upload very minutes  is something out of our perception. But since the first launch of YouTube  the core features are not changing a lot, especially the ones concerning the Comment System and the possibility of enhancing the video for a user.It Is quite annoying scrolling down or even change the page just to find a meaningful comment at page 20 and more than that the comments are not differing at all from the one’s in blog post.Let’s say they all come aside of the video and after it. Lets say they are web1.0 and far to be 2.0 

Fortunately there is something more out there. For example the  online audio distribution platform  Soundcloud  has a very interesting feature call: Timed Comments.The user its able to place the comment directly on the waveform of the song, and all the comments are displayed collectively on a blu bar below the audio waveform:

I appreciate that Chromatic

Nice solo guitar,

This groove is killing me 

or even hyperlinks.

In this way the dialog about the sound became more specific, rich, and not around it, on it.There is also a video distribution platform call Viki, that has the timed comment feature .

In the future the linearity nature of the video media and the increasing demand of more interactive and open platform will bring over screen other solutions to comments in the timeline.

Do you think is a important and strategic feature? and what other features would you like to see in the future of video content in Internet  ?

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