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Recently Lynessa, a friend of mine from South Africa, went to Italy for the first time. Since I’m Italian she asked me for advice. I suggested, above all others destinations, the Uffizi museum in Florence that keep an astonishing collection of our best visual heritage. After a moment I realised that the Uffizi is not at all the easiest entry point to understand the italian culture. I visited it years ago and it was complicated as hell. So, once she was back, she kindly told me: “It’s a nice museum, but since I don’t... Read The Rest →

Ephemeral content: The rise of Snapchat

In the last few days a lot of people were shocked by this news: Facebook and Google offered $3 billion and $4 billion, respectively, to acquire Snapchat but Evan Spiegel, CEO of the company declined the offer. Wow! I wasn’t so interested in Snapchat before but  this news made me think: why Facebook and Google, that are not naive companies, are willing to offer a mountain of money to them? And more important why did they refuse? Snapchat is a photo messaging application that gives the users the option to set... Read The Rest →

Digital Patina

On march 2001 a terrible news spreads in the media of the whole world. The Taliban government in Afghanistan blew up the two colossal statues of Buddha, known as Buddhas of  Bamiyan. I clearly remember a video showing a huge cloud of dust, a scream from an unknown Taliban and a feeling of pain in my chest. I don’t want to debate here the reasons and the political and religious background of this awful act. I’m more interested in to the destruction of a precious remain of mankind. One year before this episode Ben and Barbara Kacyra... Read The Rest →

Around screen

I don’t own a Tv here in South Africa and I have to say it is a shame. Sometimes I sneak downstairs, where the huge television of my landlord is placed and, silently, I switch it on to watch Storage Wars on History Channel. I like this monumental, frontal electrical appliance and I feel it still has a lot to say. During the years  the television lost its wooden case, its cathode ray tube, became thinner, bigger, clearer, brighter, and it will soon lose the remote. (1) But what is going to happen around the... Read The Rest →

Collective memories

In recent years we as human beings are producing an enormous quantity of data, through messages, photos, comments continuously shared between us. In some way we are creating digital memories, mementos of experiences, persons, places, but the memory is not just  a collection of random data, but a structured  and organized repository of linked and categorized items and even more meaningful for us. Facebook with the Timeline feature is an attempt to transform posts in memories integrating dates, milestones, life events, from a personal and individual prospective. In the future more... Read The Rest →

Timed comments, richer video contents

The Video content are  extremely  popular and the larger part of all the consumers internet traffic (57 percent in 2102 up from 69 in 2017).Website like YouTube is visited by 1 billion unique users each month and the hours of video upload very minutes  is something out of our perception. But since the first launch of YouTube  the core features are not changing a lot, especially the ones concerning the Comment System and the possibility of enhancing the video for a user.It Is quite annoying scrolling down or even change the... Read The Rest →

Hello, World !

To inaugurate my blog  Omnivores I’m posting a extremely brief list of “Hello, World” in different program language. I found this diversity of rules and syntax very meaningful: it not just explains clearly the difference between a back-end (code) and a front-end (Hello, world!), but it shows different philosophies and mind frames in the program languages. The trend in the last few years is to create user-friendly languages but along the way we are losing the richness diversity of the story of the program languages. On the other hand the image... Read The Rest →

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