Hello, World !

A light programmable biofilm displaying "Hello World"

A light programmable biofilm displaying “Hello World”

To inaugurate my blog  Omnivores I’m posting a extremely brief list of “Hello, World” in different program language. I found this diversity of rules and syntax very meaningful: it not just explains clearly the difference between a back-end (code) and a front-end (Hello, world!), but it shows different philosophies and mind frames in the program languages. The trend in the last few years is to create user-friendly languages but along the way we are losing the richness diversity of the story of the program languages.

On the other hand the image above shows that the digital and the analog world are started to been intertwined more than before and the digital code will be in the near future the back-end to control an manipulate the physical world

For almost complete list of example of  “Hello, world!” check this

I will talk deeply about the esoteric program language Brainfuck and Whitespace in a further post

Please fell free to add a comment about your favorite examples of “Hello, world!”

ActionScript 3.0

trace(“Hello, world!”);



++++++++++             initialize counter (cell #0) to 10

[                       use loop to set the next four cells to 70/100/30/10

    >+++++++              add  7 to cell #1

    >++++++++++           add 10 to cell #2 

    >+++                   add  3 to cell #3

    >+                     add  1 to cell #4

    <<<<                  decrement counter (cell #0)


>++.                  print ‘H’

>+.                   print ‘e’

+++++++.              print ‘l’

.                       print ‘l’

+++.                   print ‘o’

>++.                  print ‘ ‘

<<+++++++++++++++.  print ‘W’

>.                     print ‘o’

+++.                   print ‘r’

—–.               print ‘l’

—–.             print ‘d’

>+.                   print ‘!’

>.                     print ‘\n’



#include <iostream>


int main()


    std::cout<<“Hello, world!”<< std::endl;








           DISPLAY ‘Hello, world!’.

           STOP RUN.



whitespace hello world

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